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Numero speciale Gnosis
Rivista italiana di intelligence
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in breve
The BRIDG& conference «Tackling violent radicalization: bridging knowledge, practices and experiences» which was held in Rome on the 7 May 2019, represented the opportunity of sharing considerations, initiatives and best practices on preventing and countering violent Islamist radicalization.
The event was organized in two sessions: the first focused on the international and the second on the Italian context. Thirty-seven Intelligence Agencies from all over the world participated and one hundred and fifty-nine delegates belonging to the judiciary, law enforcement, prison authorities, local mental health departments, the regional offices of the national education system and academic institutions took part.
The initial idea to build a 'bridge' between countries with different socio-economic features, cultures and legal systems as well as different threat scenarios came from the need to disseminate and link insights, best practices and experiences involved in the prevention of violent jihadist radicalization, so as to create a shared capital of deep knowledge that goes beyond technical and operational practice. Indeed, in this respect the Intelligence community plays a decisive role both in identifying priorities of action and in constructing new competences and skills.
I wish to underline that international co-operation, both bilateral and multilateral, is nothing new for the Intelligence community and has also produced significant results in the field of counter-terrorism.
As far as the Italian context is concerned, the law establishing the System of Intelligence for the Security of the Republic of Italy, in addition to fostering international co-operation, envisages the promotion of the 'culture of security' as the solid regulatory framework where strong synergies with civil society as a whole can be pursued and activated, specifically with all those operators who are directly involved in preventing radicalization.
Regarding the outcomes of the BRIDG& conference, I may affirm with reasonable certainty that in leaving it delegates were aware that the 'ideal bridge' we built and the deep knowledge they acquired during an intense day of work cannot be considered as a finished experience, separate from the operational tasks the different Intelligence systems and actors in the world are called upon to perform every day in facing, recognizing, detecting, decoding and evaluating signs of radicalization and indicators of risk, both at the central and the local level ...

Gennaro Vecchione

il sommario
Foreword by Gennaro Vecchione
Introduction by Mario Parente


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The Jihadist Social Actors in 21st century Europe

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Countering Daesh's Terrorism in North Africa: the Role of Women in Post-2017

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Radicalization Prevention in Catalonia

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The Italian Experience: Disengagement and Judicial Measures


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In Other Words

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The Role of Education and Training in Preventing Violent Radicalization

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Violent Radicalization and Terrorism in the (Cyber-)Social Ecosystem

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The Importance of Religious Training and Support for Imams and Religious Guides in Preventing Violent Radicalization

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Empowering Teachers to prevent Violent Extremist Radicalization: an Italian Experience

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Preventing Violent Extremism and the Role of Civil Society: Present and Future Challenges

Elisabetta Neri
Integrating a Gender Approach in Cve and Pve Initiatives: an Intelligence Perspective


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